On GeoCaching

“You wanna see something cool?”

Usually, when a guy says this to girl, she ought to  be cautious. I said “Yes”.

It was a warm early-summer night in Vienna. The guy was George, my future boyfriend. And the “something cool” was a geocache. It’s one of the pretty big ones, hidden where hundreds of “muggels” (people who aren’t geocachers themselves) pass by every day. It’s about the most frequented cache in Vienna. It’s Burgtor.

How does it work?

  • Somebody places the cache container in a place they think could be fun or interesting or nice.
  • They enter all necessary or interesting information into the application form.
  • The cache gets approved.
  • By entering the published GPS coordinates in your GPS device, you should be able to find the place where the container is hidden.

Is that all?

No. Going there and finding it only works with so-called “traditionals”. But there is also “multi stage” geocaches, “mystery” geocaches and others. Multi stage caches need more time, as there is different places to visit, questions to answer or riddles to solve. Mystery caches even ask for creativity, research and lots of patience. None of my virtues ;)

What’s the fun about geocaching?

I prefer not to tell, but to show. But well, that’s a bit hard here. Geocaching produced a little video about it:


How can I start?

Go to Geocaching.com and register ;)  Send me a message, if you’re around Vienna. Maybe we can meet and go on the hunt together.


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