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We need role models!

Working with the Student’s Union sensitised me to the problems women face in Technology. One of them is that while there are no biological reasons for it, there are way less women working in Technology than men. There’s got to … Continue reading

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Addendum to “TU Wien needs feminism”

This post is related to the one I published two days ago, especially the first paragraph. I received a lot of feedback regarding the whole post, mainly “WTF are they thinking?”. But also, especially regarding the first paragraph, I got … Continue reading

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Amazing Vienna

Although I’ve been living in Vienna for nearly 5 years now, there are still lots of places that I haven’t seen, or have only seen parts of. One of them is Kurpark Oberlaa and Wiener Internationale Gartenschau 1974 in the … Continue reading

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Reconnecting …

No posts from me in more than 5 months. This can mean only one thing: I’ve started playing the Discworld MUD again. Intensively. Apart from attaining achievements, advancing lots of skills, meeting old friends and making new friends, I still … Continue reading

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Meeting my childhood star

Tuesday, August 14th: this was by far the coolest day working at the Zoo so far! Why? Easy. I could watch the film crew shooting a new episode of TOM TURBO, a series I loved to watch when I was … Continue reading

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The Plan

I’ve given this quite some thought: What should I do in September, when I will have at least 2 weeks of holidays? No university, no work. I do want to do SOMETHING. So I thought about going to Bretagne or … Continue reading

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Have you lost your camera?

If yes, go check out After partaking in the PostSecret project, a guy from Canada started his own thing: A website where he publishes pictures from lost cameras and memory cards. The idea is of course simple: if enough … Continue reading

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