Small plans instead of big resolutions

Most people have one big New Year’s Resolution, and struggle with it. A way better idea that I heard during my stay at my parent’s place, in a Sunday morning interview with one of my favourite authors, Thomas Brezina (wikipedia), is the following:

Don’t make one big resolution. Try to think of a couple of things that you’d like to do during the upcoming year. Write them down, and during 2014, check every once in a while how you are doing on completing those plans.

So here are my plans for 2014:

  • find about 170 geocaches, so my total will be at least 500 by the end of 2014
  • walk another 2 parts of Lechweg with my mum
  • hike up Säuling, a mountain near my hometown, also with my mum
  • finally complete the trail that goes all around Vienna (“Rundumadum”)
  • make use of my Niederösterreich Card
  • complete courses worth 30 ECTS per semester, so I’ll finish my Bachelor’s degree within 8 semester in sum

and of course, the classic thing: restart going to Yoga and Gymnastics classes on a weekly basis.

Did you make a resolution? Or do you have plans, like I do?

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1 Response to Small plans instead of big resolutions

  1. This is a great idea! I totally failed trying to come up with “the big new years resolution”. This article made me write a list of my own:

    –do my running training at least twice a week (special occassions may qualify for exceptions from this schedule)
    –do a 7-minute-workout every morning (there’s an app for that on my girlfriends tablet)
    –visit Amsterdam in Summer (with girlfriend)
    –establish improve morning/evening bathroom routines (I’m very picky about my morning/evening bathroom routines and never live up to my own standards (which I do not apply on other people))
    –get rid of a huge share of my books (at least 50%)
    –start playing chess again (on a weekly basis)
    –use my f****ing calendar to keep track of deadlines.

    and of course: stay active in university politics in a way so it does not stop me from studying.

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