I need Feminism, because …

… I am a student at a University of Technology.
… I am a student in the area of Computer Sciences.

… there are still to many people who ask “What do we need Feminism for?”

I’m thinking about creating a regular get-together for female students in my field, but also women at TU Wien in general. Unfortunately, many of them don’t think they need an all-female network – just like I thought until about half a year ago.

I don’t remember what incident it was that made me change my mind. The most important thing is, though, that I decided to attend the Vienna FemCamp, a BarCamp dedicated to women and their problems, focussing on online aspects.

I met great people there, and the same goes for the FemCamp in Linz a couple of months later. Things that were discussed there made my realise that until now I had been lucky, for I had never had any real problems with sexism, aside from two things that happened at University.

So yes, I need Feminism. And I’m looking forward to finding other women at my University who would like to meet up every once in a while to talk about what it means being a woman in Technology.

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2 Responses to I need Feminism, because …

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  2. Elka says:

    Hi! I just discovered your blog and I must say it’s really cool that you write about these problems at TU. I don’t know if you know the Frauenreferat, but since this semestre we are a group of 4 to 5 women. We are planing to make a campaign about this kind of topics (why do we need feminism especiallly at TU) and it would be great if you want to contribute. you could just come to one of our meetings for the beginning. just write us a mail at frauen@htu.at and/or like us on FB (Frauenreferat der HTU Wien) :)


    Ps: I also studied computer science in my Bachelor

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