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I need Feminism, because …

… I am a student at a University of Technology. … I am a student in the area of Computer Sciences. … there are still to many people who ask “What do we need Feminism for?” I’m thinking about creating … Continue reading

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Finally: I’m a ‘real’ student!

After 4 semesters, I finally completed a course students at our University are supposed to complete within the first 2 semesters. The problem is not that it was sooo difficult – it’s that I’m sooo lazy :) I feel like … Continue reading

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Helping first-year students

After meeting lots of great people who dedicate part of their time to assisting students in studying – as in, suggesting interesting courses, helping with legal problems, and so on – I decided to finally join them this year. In … Continue reading

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Amazing Vienna

Although I’ve been living in Vienna for nearly 5 years now, there are still lots of places that I haven’t seen, or have only seen parts of. One of them is Kurpark Oberlaa and Wiener Internationale Gartenschau 1974 in the … Continue reading

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Personal Best!

Together with my sister in law and her son, but also on my own, I managed to find nearly 30 geocaches within one week :) Here are some pictures: On Wednesday, when my sister in law had the day off, … Continue reading

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