Paying it forward, part 2

With the bracelets, I had used up nearly all the pretty front part of my old, beloved tshirt. For some time, I kept wondering what I should do with all the fabric of the back part which was left over … and here’s what I did:

fabric necklace

It’s not quite a tshirt scarf, as I only used 3 strands of fabric (I didn’t have more of the purple, and did not want the pink to take over the whole thing), so it’s more a necklace. But yay, I did it!

The first person to receive their gift was Tanja, a friend from University. She got to choose one of the two bracelets I made last time and enjoyed it big time :)

I’m not sure if I’ll give away this necklace/scarf, or if I’ll make another one to make a gift.

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