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TBH: Final stage of Preparations

The Big Hike (TBH), taking me from Vienna to Mariazell and on to Graz, will start on September 4th, 2012. Two rooms have been preordered already. The rest will be arranged on the go. Things to do: charge the phone … Continue reading

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Meeting my childhood star

Tuesday, August 14th: this was by far the coolest day working at the Zoo so far! Why? Easy. I could watch the film crew shooting a new episode of TOM TURBO, a series I loved to watch when I was … Continue reading

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New page: My opinion on Couchsurfing

Of course I think Couchsurfing is awesome! But still, it’s not perfect … read about one reason why I think so on the new page “Your opinion please!”

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Mission ’24k’ aborted

If I were superstitiuous, I might not even have left the bed: a cramp in my right calve woke me up in the dead of night and could be interpreted as a bad omen. Missing the bus, then being dropped … Continue reading

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Hiking around Vienna, with Couchsurfers

Stadtwanderweg 2 seemed to be more interesting for others than 1 and 1a. Or did they like the weatherforecast more? Anyways, a handful of people signed up for the event, and they even showed. Just like before, it was not … Continue reading

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