So it begins: CS Vienna Calling 2012

  • Write a text for my personal main event: check.
  • Receive first couch requests for the weekend: check.
  • Answer and accept request: check.
  • Prepare flat mates for the invasion: partly done.

51 days to go until the 4 days of lovely madness take over the city.

51 days to go until COUCHSURFING VIENNA CALLING 2012!!

Further information is available on the Couchsurfing Main Event Page and the sub-pages, and it will be added on the classical web-site as well.

In case you want to take part:

  1. If you’re a registered Couchsurfer, just click the “join this event” buttons on the events you want to join. Done!
  2. If you’re not a Couchsurfer yet, either create a new account and then go back to (1). Or let me know and I’ll add you to the events I’m attending as a “non-couchsurfing guest” :)

In any way, just  be so kind and let the organizers know how many people will attend, as sometimes locations or material have to be organized. In my case, I will probably close the event when there are too many registrations, as I don’t want too many people to come.

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