Two Cats and a Subcrawl

After the – kind of obligatory – odyssey through the neighborhoods and  motorway exits, we made it to Stefanie and her cats Milow and Misterio. To honor our stay in Toronto, she organized a Pubcrawl through some of the lowest bars of the city – pretty awesome! We met several other Couchsurfers from the area, had a great time and some (too many) drinks, and even witnessed a fistfight, only minutes after entering the first bar.

As bars close at 2 am, and the subway only works until 1.30 am, we were home around 1.50 am after the Subcrawl. In this case, “we” consisted of me, Josef, Stefanie and 2 other Couchsurfers who more or less last-minute asked Stefanie for a place to stay.

The next morning, we waited a bit for Stefanie to get up before leaving the apartment. She had promised to cook some beer battered waffles – and they were great :)

Toronto in short: we saw the harbour, some of the old city parts, the CN Tower (whoa, great view!!) and China Town, where we had great lunch.

Of course, also the cats were a sight for themselves and we spent several hours playing and cuddling with them.

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