Wednesday Walk, all alone

During the last days I spent in Vienna, it’s been damn cold all over Europe. For Vienna, this means around -12° Celsius, loads of sunshine, and wind.

After all the exams and all the studying the weeks before, I finally took the time again to make one of my Wednesday Walks. This weeks’ targeted area was Türkenschanzpark, a rather big park in the 18th district, where most of the CS kickball games take place.

The meeting was set up for 11 am, and a small group of people had registered either through CS or via mail/text message. Still, at 11.09 am, after waiting for 15 minutes in the freezing cold, I decided to start my walk. Some minutes later, I got a text message from Albert, who often takes these walks with me, asking me not to wait for him as he had overslept :)

Here are some impressions of the walk. After 40 minutes, my legs were prickling, my nose was nearly falling off, and I was more than happy to see the next bus to take me homewards would arrive within 3 minutes :)

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