Winter: 1 – Me: 0

There is a GeoCache not too far from my parents’ place back in Tyrol (cache on It is located at Frauensee, a lake some way up a mountain. Hiking there takes about 1 hour in Summer. I hiked up there with my parents at least three times in 2011, but never brought a GPS with me (once, because I was being childish and stupidly sulking).

Finally, when I was back home during Christmas Holidays, I managed to take the GPS with me up to the lake, and even had the coordinates saved onto it.

Still, I did not manage to find the cache. Look at the pictures to see why…

If I had looked at the spoiler picture at the end of the cache description, it would have been clear which tree is the right one. But still, I was standing in snow, half frozen on top and powedery below, up to my hip. I guess I’m just a whiny little good-weather city geocacher, then …

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