A walk in the park …

Georg and I did not really know what to do during the last days, so after finishing the LotR-Making of (again), we got a bit bored. And then it occured to us that we did not go to the Zoo in the last 3 months!

Well, our last visit was in the end of October, with Armi and Andre, and as we’re both proud holders of an annual ticket, we decided to go there today.

In comparison to the last week, we got up pretty early (shortly before 8) and arrived at the Zoo only some minutes past 9, so just after the gates opened. It was a bit spooky with nearly no one else there, but we did get to see some work of the caretakers we usually don’t see: cleaning-up at the Katta’s, breakfast for the Somalia Blackheaded Sheep, and so on.

Also, as always, we attended the commented feedings of the Orang Utan, the sea lions, and watched the big clean-up at the Humboldt penguins. Unfortunately, we missed the (pretty rare) commented feeding of the Arctic Wolves, though :(

Want some pictures? Go ahead. The quality won’t be stunning, as I took them with my phone, but should be okay ;)

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