Stereotypical, and not.

The friends I found at University are just the typical IT guys you can find everywhere. We like the typical things (music, movies, books), talk about the typical things (movies, comics, computers) and usually do the typical things (not too much sports, playing strange games online).

But then again, only a week ago, I asked a girl from this group and a friend from Couchsurfing if they would like to join me at another friends’ birthday party. It was going to take place at a Karaoke Bar and I would need some assistance and people I could talk to aside from the few I’d know there. The party was scheduled to start some about 2 hours after a written exam at University, so we met at one of Vienna’s christmas markets after the exam, as we were divided into several groups taking the exam in different buildings of the UT. And all of a sudden, when I wanted to get on my way to the party with my two friends, another 4 asked if they could join because they’d just LOVE to do some Karaoke.

So we crashed a party. 5 IT students and a nursery-school teacher. We had a blast, annoyed some of the other people attending the party, and sang some songs with the birthday girl.

So, we’re totally typical IT students. But we’re not :)

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