Secret Santa

As mentioned already, the Vienna Couchsurfing Community is very active. Every year, for a couple of years now, a game of Secret Santa has been organised. This year nobody made the first step until the end of November, so I contacted some of the organisers … and got promoted to organiser of Secret Santa!

So together with Maria, I am now organiser of Secret Santa. Together with 11 others, our names were put on lots, and one of my friends from University did the drawing. The whole idea is to get in touch with the person that was drawn to receive a present from you, without him/her really noticing. Find out, what they would like to receive (price should be less than 5 Euros), and then give it to them at Christmas Dinner.

It’s really fun, especially as some people are pretty new to the community and therefor a bit harder to find out things about ;)

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