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Owner’s duties

If you’re the “owner” of a geocache, it means you have to take care of it. That’s the reason why usually if you want to publish a geocache far away from your set home location you will receive a message … Continue reading

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Yes, I’ve been damn busy the last weeks. I’m not used to studying and doing homework anymore, and time management was never one of my strengths. Still, I seem to handle my first semester courses pretty well. I spend about … Continue reading

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Great Hideouts

In the short time since I started geocaching, I’ve already seen some awesome hiding places and ways of disguising cache containers. Unfortunately, I’ve rarely taken pictures, so you will have to to read my descriptions and try to picture the … Continue reading

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CS Walk & Talk meeting

Inspired by another Couchsurfers’ Walk and Talk meetings, I’m about to start a weekly meet-up. The meetings so far usually were easy hikes that nevertheless took about 4 hrs, but my edition will be for the busy, or lazy, or … Continue reading

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The Confused Geocachers

Again, a short story about the Cache at the “Industrial Area” where my mum and brother work. It’s not one single story, but something that happens time and time again and can also be seen in the cache logs on … Continue reading

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Why do trips to Ikea always end with me asking why I always end up with more stuff than I intended to buy, but still not bringing all the stuff I intended to buy? This time: We need some extra … Continue reading

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The Berlin Craftsman

The geocache owned by me (and my brother), situated at the “Industrial Area” of Pflach, is located right in front of the window to my mom’s office. My brother is working there, too, so I have people around to take … Continue reading

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