In between lectures at University, doing homework (!) and finally reading the book I’ve been waiting for for 3 4 weeks, I just did not manage to write as much as I did before I started studying. The whole picture of students in Austria is wrong, I knew that before. If you really want to get something done during your time at University, if you really want to be done with your Bachelor’s degree within 3 years and a bit, there’s not much time for doing nothing or going somewhere, for spending a weekend off or something like that. Lectures alone are 25 hours per week, plus 6 hours of tutorial groups plus some more hours of learning and preparing exercises for the tutorial groups.

The time left by this schedule, I spend (I guess, for the next 3 days) by reading “A Dance with Dragons”. I only bought it last Thursday, but I already got to 80 % (kindle doesn’t show the amount of pages). The book is great, as I expected, and the stories go on – some as thought, some changing to a totally different direction.

Just wanted to let you know that everything’s okay – there is just not enough time to write ;)

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