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My new toy

The kindle arrived 2 days after I ordered it. And I’m so happy with it, it’s unbelieveable :) I can put the task description for the weekly exercises on it, all the slides from our lectures and even the script … Continue reading

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Programming basics

I did not do much programming before I decided to study IT. Still, I understand the basic rules of it, e.g. that in Java you always have to conclude a line with a ” ; “, or that you should … Continue reading

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In between lectures at University, doing homework (!) and finally reading the book I’ve been waiting for for 3 4 weeks, I just did not manage to write as much as I did before I started studying. The whole picture … Continue reading

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Sturm Graz

Sturm Graz is a CS meeting to find new friends; to get to know the city of Graz; to find out about culinary specials in the surroundings; and of course to have a great time! Well, okay, it sounds like … Continue reading

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