GeoCaching runs in the family …

My brother and I are pretty alike. We like the same movies, books, and music.

Now after Georg had introduced me to GeoCaching, and we first visited my parents together, we of course checked if there were any Caches in the surrounding. And yes, there are. Not many, but there still is plenty to do on a nice day. Talking to my brother about this, he was very interested. And he only recently had bought a new phone with GPS chip, using an OS that supported a GeoCaching app. Some time later, when we next talked on the phone, he told me his phone (or the network in our surrounding) was not good enough for GeoCaching – so he had decided to buy a proper GPS device only for this purpose.

He’s now a rather active GeoCacher who already found nearly each Cache in the whole area. This February, he hid his first GeoCache. Until yesterday, I did not manage to go get and log it, as it is up on an Alp. But when I finally got there, it was a fast find =)

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