Vienna Calling Retrospect: Day 5

Saturday. We spent most of the time at the Base, enjoying the sunshine and having a good time with old and new friends. There was a badminton tournament going on, and various workshops (as the days before), and some people were just lying around sleeping.

In the evening, the Main Party of Vienna Calling took place at “Das Werk”. The organisers had agreed to use this location again, as people liked it very much there. CouchSurfing had again the possibility to sell selfmade cocktails (hmmm, yummy!!) and there was a raffle of flight vouchers at 11 pm.

Georg had to do some shifts at the entrance, selling tickets and later on controlling people at the entrance. I volunteered to help a little, as somehow I was not in party mood – contrary to the other 300 attendees.

Sunday early morning. Georg, Mitie, Kira and I left the party at around 3 am. Carlos arrived, after attending an afterparty at some CSers place, around 7 am. Shawn in the meantime managed to fall asleep at another afterparty and only woke up around noon. As Carlos and Kira wanted to leave in the early afternoon, he had to get back quiet in a hurry as he still had some stuff of Carlos’ with him.

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